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What is a tigitag?


tigitags are colourful designer bands with your personal message-to-go (tag inside to label). Get your loved ones going, make sure your kids don’t get lost, use it as a lucky charm, share your personal mantra or spread your love with your friends … there are endless ways how to personally tag it!


The various designs make it great as a gift or for creating your own collection!



How it works:


1) Choose your design


2) Put your message or name on the tag


3) Start tagging straight away



Where can I buy tigitags?


The easiest way to crab your tigitag is order them online in our web shop. You can find it directly on www.tigitag.com or on facebook www.facebook.com/tigitag.


You also find a list of stores where you can buy tigitags on our website.



Where are tigitags produced?


We are an Austrian company located close to Vienna. Each tigitag is unique - produced carefully by one of our sewers.



Why does my tigitag not look exactly the same as the picture in the web shop?


Each tigitag is unique while made from a different part of cloth, that´s why slight differences are given.



Why do I see little threads on my tigitag?


We are not producing in a factory; our tigitags are handmade with sewing machines. You might possibly find a little thread on your tigitag - don´t worry about that, that´s characteristic for our tigitags.



What is special about the tigitag WrapAround scarfs?


Kids usually don´t like wearing scarfs, as they often scratch and disturb while playing. Our tigitag WrapArounds are made of 95% Organic-Cotton and are therefore super cosy on kid´s necks. They are closable with a snap, that´s why they stay properly on the neck.


Extra feature: Use the little tag on it to write your child´s name on it.



What do you use your tigitag for?


You can wear your tigitag as bracelet with your handwritten message inside – but you also can tag lots of stuff with your tigitag such as jackets, back bags, suitcases, helmets….no limits for your personal ideas how to use it. By the way, we are happy if you share your special usage occasions with us: info@tigitag.com



Which size is right?


Our tigitags are available in two sizes:

Small (up to wrist size 14 cm): for all kids up to 5 years = pre-school kids and for tagging bags, jackets….


Big (from wrist size 14,5 cm): for all bigger kids from around 6 years on school kids and also for growns.


Each size can be closed in 2 lengths and therefore all wrist sizes from very small to large are covered.



Which side shall I wear outside?


You can wear your tigitag double sided. Especially if you tag your little ones with name and telephone number make sure that they wear the inner side out (tag side) as they might not be able to articulate themselves in a proper way should they really get out of sight.



Is my tigitag waterproof?


Yes, the tigitag and the tag are waterproof. You can use it also for swimming. Make sure you use a ball pen to label your tag, as fountain pens or roller pens are not water resistant.



Is my tigitag washable?


Yes, our tigitags can be cleaned in the washing machine using a 30 degrees temperature programme.


We recommend removing the tag before.



Is my child 100% safe while wearing a tigitag?


Wearing a tigitag with your telephone number and kids name gives you and your child some safeness if you are in crowded areas e.g. subway, playground, Christmas market…


With bigger kids you can talk about the benefit of their tigitag: Tell them in case they get lost they shall ask a grown up to call you. Smaller ones are not able to do this, especially not when they are in stressed situations – please make sure they wear the tagged side outside if you are at crowded places.


Anyhow: Please be aware that our tigitags are fancy accessories with a unique extra benefit, but they are no certified safety product!



My kid refuses to leave the tigitag on its wrist…?


You can also fix the tigitag on the jacket, trouser or back bag.



Can I combine more tigitags? And if how?


It is possible to snap more tigitags together – create your individual double or triple tigitag and wrap it around the wrist – as you wish.



Why does my tigitag contain three tags?


Each tigitag is equipped with 3 tags – one of them you can label immediately and slide in your tigitag. The other two you can use as replacement (please remove them from your tigitag otherwise your tigitag is too rigid).


Our tags are water resistant and tear proof, we therefore recommend using only the original tags. Should you require extra tags please send a message to info@tigitag.com and we will send you some.